Power Play:Styling With Aishwaarya Singh.


Fashion and styling is all about exploring and experimenting. This story speaks about how one can totally avoid the struggle of maintaining style mantra at work. I did this story with  a strong headed woman and a wonderful human, Aishwarya Singh who is an artist and a YouTuber.. She is one of those people  who loves to experiment alot when it comes to fashion and style.  I styled Aishwaarya Singh in ‘wingy way ‘, where experimenting with her hair was the major transformation in her looks. Anybody ever thought of carrying pig tails at work!? This looks super hot and mind you, this trend is no more old school stuff now. Here you go with my take on power styling with Aishwaarya Singh ( YouTuber and artist).



Fresh glowing skin can boost up your confidence and your personality way too much. Never underestimate the powe of great skin care routine and a great foundation. Using the right foundation for your skin can change your life. Keep makeup minimal but yet bold enough to give you a sense of power.



2.WHAT TO WEARFB_IMG_1504456835676.jpg

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion but you have to be a bit cautious while dressing up formaly.From the right choice of fabric to the right choice of color everything is important. Never go too loud while picking outfits for work. Try subtle colours which present your personality the right way. Always pick fabrics which are rich in texture and comfortable.



FB_IMG_1504456844947What you wear looks great only when you know how to carry It! Attitude is really an important factor if you are a lover of Power Styling. Trust yourself and have faith on yourself and slay everyday like a queen.

Experiment with your style but remember to maintain your comfort first. Never try hard on any trend which is unfit or uncomfortable for you. Fashion and style speaks out loud about your personality. Keep working on it inside and out ladies!

I hope you all enjoyed the post❤. Do let me know in the comment section below what you feel about this one! I will be soon back with my new fashion adventures😍 till then take care and stay healthy.

My secret of healthy and long lashes.


Luscious long, full and thick lashes are something we all dream about, models showcased in magazines or commercials make us crave hard to achieve those perfect long lashes but it is always a task to maintain great health of lashes.

Lash length and thickness, like everything else on your body, is
determined by genetics. Generally people with finer hair follicles will
have thinner and finer lashes and I come under this category unfortunately. It is a task for people with fine lashes to maintain the thickness but, this one tip can do wonders to your lashes. I have achieved great results after following this trick! So without wasting too much of time lets get started!


Magic is for real! Olive oil can do wonders by making your lashes stronger and longer with continuous application. I swear on this trick! I use FIGARO olive oil for my lashes. I sometimes mix it up with almond oil for better nourishment of the skin around my eyes.




People with unhealthy lashes should avoid wearing  mascaras all the time. It is extremely important to pick  your makeup products wisely. I pickup mascaras with extreme caution. I use different kind of mascaras for different seasons and this is the way one should pick this glam product. I swear on to Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express for almost every time of year excluding monsoon as this is product is not waterproof. For monsoon season I prefer using Miss Rose mascara which is a great pick.I always advice to not to use too much of waterproof mascaras as they can BE really harsh on your lashes, be extremely cautious when you are picking one for yourself.



Do not forget to remove eye makeup completely with a gentle makeup remover before you go to bed.This is step is mandatory for all those who wish to keep their lashes strong and healthy. Massage your eyelashes with olive oil everyday before going to bed for great results.



This is all for today.Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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Let Your Style Speak ft. Bewakoof Official


Our cell phones are always glued to us and it is one of the most important gadget of 21 Century .We all love our cell phones and it is crazy  if one is not spending a little more to make sure your little babe looks great and doesn’t get scratched or broken. We all dress up great everyday but hardly invest in a stylish Mobile case. Your choice of mobile case speaks a lot about your style and how trendy you are.

Bewakoof official  have a huge collection of super stylish and bold Mobile covers which are super affordable and they have something for everyone!


I got this eye catching mobile case and this is for sure grabbing lot of attention. These funky mobile covers are absolutely amazing. I really loved the floral prints collection they have and you will definitely get one for yourself here.


Since Bewakoof Official never compromises with the quality of the product I trust them totally. A super stylish Mobile case with amazing quality is all what a trendy mobile lover wishes for and they have got all you need.



Bewakoof Oficial have got a huge range of Marvel T-Shirts , Jeans, Tees , Athleisure , Shorts and much more. They have a huge range for both men and women at affordable prices. Check Out the collection at Bewakoof Official.

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Getting Trendy ft.Bewakoof Official.

AJP_9824 - Copy.jpg

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable and stylish thing one can ever own. Generally hoodies  serve as a comfortable cool gym wear or  something  which makes lazy days better!

But  now we no more define hoodies this way. Since Hoodies have been spotted on the runway these winters and celebs are bringing them out in full force this was a mandatory post to update you all with the latest trends of this season. From Jenner sisters to Selena Gomez everyone is bringing out the sassy   hoodie slaying trend. I recently collaborated with Bewakoof Official  which is a popular casual wear brand. Bewakoof Official  is a one stop destination for all the fashion lovers as they provide you the latest trends at the most affordable prices. Trust me on this!

I picked this wine colored super comfy and stylish hoodie  and styled it in three ways. Before starting how can I not talk about the high quality fabric Bewakoof Official use! I am one of those fabric conscious people and this brand is totally killing the game. The hoodie keeps you warm, fabric is superb and the designs are dapper  and my styling tips will add on stars! What else you want!

Lets get started!

1. New York Way

Do it how the city of style says! Go bold Go classy and this how you do it. I layered a black knitted dress and simple white shirt with my hoodie  with black boots.




2. High Heels & Hoodies

High Heels makes everything look better! Who says hoodies are not glamorous? I paired it with a golden pair of heels and a pair of bold jewelry.



_MG_5688 - Copy.JPG

3. Bossy

Here I paired it up with a nude & mint colored pencil skirt. This is one of my favorite look as it gives a sense of strong yet stylish fashion statement.



4. Denims Are Fore Ever.

Few things never go out of style. Pair up your hoodie with a well fitted pair of jean and perfect pair of boots and you are all set to slay.Slay it like a queen!

AJP_9824 - Copy.jpg

denim and hoodie.jpg

Bewakoof Oficial have got a huge range of Marvel T-Shirts , Jeans, Tees , Athleisure , Shorts and much more. They have a huge range for both men and women at affordable prices. Check Out the collection at Bewakoof Official.

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Cipla Saslic and Saslic DS Face Wash Review- Clear Skin.

Due to change in my work routine and diet my skin suffered the most in past three months. I had crazy red bumps on my forehead. This face wash worked wonders on my skin. It was suggested to me by my dermatologist and since then this is my BFF.
The product comes in a clear plastic bottle with a mouth pump dispenser covered with a cap. The pump makes the use easier as you take out only the required amount.
The product is a transparent liquid which comes out in the form of a forth. It works great on skin leaving it clear and smooth. After using this product my T-zone behaved well! and minimized the pores. Within one week of use the results were visibly  clearly. I got my smooth glowing skin back in 20 days.
When applied to the skin, salicylic acid works by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed properly. This prevents the pores of the skin from getting clogged up and being infected with bacteria. It’s basically a chemical agent that aids in the process of exfoliation by eliminating surface skin cells and opening up pores. The acid is also known to break down blackheads and whiteheads as well as other types of acne and it works exactly I have mentioned

Take two actuation/pumps and gently massage the foam all over the wet face avoiding eyes and surrounding areas. Allow it to remain for 20 to 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice daily.

Saslic Ds and Saslic both do the same job, the only difference is the concentration of saslicylic acid which is 2% in saslic DS. This works well for those who have oily skin Though I don’t have oily skin but salsic DS suited my skin more.
This is not a miracle product. You need to use it for about a week to see results.
Saslic Ds- Rs270/-
Easily available at any medical store.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do let me know in the comment section what you feel about this one.  Comment if you already own  them.See you guys super soon!

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Back To Mughal Era.

Behind designing ever outfit there is always an inspiration, an inspiration which give wings to your imagination.
This black Anarkali which I designed is inspired from the Mughal Era.
The history of Anarkali suits and its existence takes back somewhere to Mughal era though dressing then and now has a vast difference this is why I added some modern twist in this one using colors like black and wine instead of bright colors and heavy sequence worked fabrics.
_MG_5303.jpg I wanted this outfit to be a reflection of both Mughal Era and Modern world of fashion.
Black  never goes out of trend and what could have done better job than a solid colored dupatta with it.
I have kept everything subtle from color of the fabric to the material used with the purpose of making this outfit a representation of  Rich Culture,luxury and Class. Keeping the modern world in mind I have used fabrics which are light weighed but gives the required volume to the outfit. What makes this outfit more interesting is the border, those beautiful elephants embedded on a wine base in golden zari thread,can anything be more mesmerizing than this?!. Used hand made black border with gorgeous pattern on it to give more depth and definition to the outfit.

This is how I carried this outfit with a shawl cause it is super cold in Delhi :p! walaaahhh…




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Scoring high this year Kurtas/ Kurtis have secured their position as the hottest trend of Summer 2016. I am a little late about this blog post but heyaa! better late than never. Kurtis/ Kurtas are generally underestimated in terms of being versatile.I experimented with this kurta and fused it with different western outfits. Here you with the results!


1.A black canvas and let me paint it with bright colors! Can anything be more beautiful and crazy than this? Being honest I am not a colorful person,I pick extremely basic colors but this dupatta was so gorgeous that i couldn’t stop myself from making it a part of my wardrobe. Justice to the outfit? Hell yes!. OHH! DAMN THOSE HEELS.




2.Ever though of wearing a crop top with your kurta?Pair them together smartly and steal the show <3.




3.For the ones who loveeee wearing skirts just like me,Here you go with a desi touch!






4.I always say, is not the outfit you are wearing it is your confidence that makes you stand out from the crowd. No matter how hard life hits you, stand up, love yourself first. Feed your soul and stay positive. Love people, care for your parents,family and friends. This  confidence makes you irresistible,beautiful and more lively. I am wearing this kurta with my confidence and this turned out to be my favorite look of all<3.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post.Do let me know in the comment section what you feel about this one. See you guys super soon!

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Rs2OO Skirt Into A Trendy Lehnga.


I really enjoy giving my outfits a personal touch. Being super selective about my outfits I prefer to design it of my own and sometimes stitch them myself, this makes my outfits more of me and I feel more satisfied and  confident  about my outfits. I picked this skirt from  Sarojni Nagar. Shopping from such markets is no less than an adventure. You need to be skilled and spontaneous only then there are chances to get something out of the box. I picked this mint green skirt from Sarojni for Rs200/-.

Since magenta is one of the the hottest color of this year ,I wanted to keep this color dominant in my outfit .You can pick any color of your choice. As I always say classy and sexy never go out of style, I decided to transform this skirt into a Lehnga which I wanted to be perfect for Indian weddings and festivals.

Let’s get started with the steps transforming your skirt into a lehnga.


_MG_4083 - Copy.JPG

Let us Start from the belt of the skirt. I completely removed every fancy unnecessary stuff  from there and created a plain base   to create the lehnga’s  belt. I have reused the stripes which I removed from the  belt to give it more statement and used fancy Latkans on  it.





A  Lehnga looks completely dull if it is not voluminous . Volume add on glam points to lehngas and give it a proper structure . I attached crushed hard net at the bottom part of the skirt to get the maximum volume in the Lehnga. (Hard net is easily available in the market and you can se it in almost any outfit to get the volume.)




This is the most important part as it is the one which comes in notice the most and yes obviously the part where you can pour your creativity. If your border is gorgeous you can skip rest of the work . I picked two different borders. I selected the sober  yet stylish ones. Meanwhile everybody is going gaga over mirror work I wanted to not to follow that trend as wearing those heavy borders is not just my thing. These borders, if not selected carefully can tear your fabric because of  the sharp edges of mirror and might give you few scratches . I am absolutely out with the idea of using these. If you feel like to get one keep a double check on the quality and smooth edges of the mirrors . Depending on the occasion you want to design your outfit for, you can add on  heavy borders and patchworks.

I picked a plain zari border with thread work on with which I am totally in love . I used pearl (Moti) border to give it more definition.




I picked plain magenta chiffon dupatta and readymade magenta choli from market. Paired it with magenta peacock earrings which complement the outfit amazingly. I will be doing a complete detailed blog on what kind of choli designs flatters what body type the most. So here I am eliminating this part. And letskeep the kala chasma swag on this wedding season!


Here you go with the final results.





Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do let me know in the comment section what you feel about this one.

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Messing around with Sarees is something I really don’t like. I love them the way they have always been worn.Experimenting with a Saree is always amazing but the way it is meant to be worn is  more fascinating and definitely beautiful as compared to the modern versions of Saree. When I decided to talk about this beautiful wear it was indeed a task to cover up all the aspects which  really matter when, it is about to slay in saree. So I decided to share my very own subtle simple yet sexy and bold way to carry them. Under this I selected few Sarees from my wardrobe with which you can hardly go wrong.

1.Stripes And Colors.


We need to stop underestimating the power of Stripes and the science behind it! If designed technically they can give the illusion of the body you always desired. Remember the jumpsuit Deepika flaunted few days back? Well that outfit was a great example of the how these stripes if designed technically can make a HUGE difference to your appearance. I am super soon going to write down a blog on this as well ! thank me later on for this. This saree is my one of most favorite. This is super comfortable to carry and is just perfect for everyday wear. The major purpose here is to explain you how these stripes can make you look effortlessly beautiful without trying hard. I paired it with a very simple full sleeve black blouse to add on more grace.




2.Tribal Viral.




We all must be well familiar with this color and Saree, this is one the craziest trend which went viral in 90s. My mother own this beauty and I am crazy about this one. Love standing out of the crowd? Pick this one 😀 Olive green looks gorgeous on Asian skin tones and this color is LOVE LOVE. I absolutely love this one. You can literally wear it on any occasion. I paired it with a tube and a gorgeous neck piece to add on some tribal vibes to this look.  Beautiful hair bun add on  more statement if you carry such Sarees.






I literally call this saree black and faces. The print seek lot of attention. A sober chiffon sareee for everyday wear is just perfect for any saree lover. Always try to pick up something which is sober yet classy ( This never go out of trend :p). a black and white saree is a must just like having a white and black tee.You can carry them anywhere even to parties and trust me they look really hot. This one is a must to your wardrobe. I paired it up with a black blouse and silver earnings. The basic center partition low hair bun look super sexy and hot with such fabrics.




4.Forever love.


Do I even need to talk about them? I absolutely love them. Be it Cotton or silk  they look adorable.Perfect for wedding season. Add on some beautiful jewelry and you are all set to steal the show. This can beat anything! The best part about these (south Indian, Bengali) Sarees is there versatility and the fact that they never go out of trend.I really have no words how gorgeous these sarees look. I travel Kerala especially to get these sarees .I prefer getting them customized most of the time. They can make anyone to fall for you.





Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do let me know in the comment section what you feel about this one.  Comment if you already own  them.See you guys super soon!

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Maybelline  launched the Blushed Nudes Palette in India, which consists of twelve gorgeous eyeshadows. These shades looks beautiful. The shades are arranged in such a manner that even a beginner can use this pallet well and the guide at the back makes it even more easier.The colors of this pallet are all generally pink toned, with shades ranging from soft rosy highlighters, rose gold, and dark greys. The colors are all light and shimmery and the texture is soft which makes the blending super smooth. The palette  contains only one matte shade.

About the product.

Product Description:
Our newest 12-shade collection curated to create infinite sensuous looks, is infused with rose gold pigments for bolder blushes, provocative plums, and risque roses.


Guide at the back:
1. Color entire eye area
2. Shade lid
3. Contour crease
4. Line around eye
1. Color entire eye area
2. Shade lid
3. Contour crease
1. Shade lid
2. Contour crease.


I really loved the packaging or I guess it is the color of the palette.Packaging is really cute it adds on some cuteness to your makeup collection. The most disappointing  part is no Inbuilt mirror.

Price: Rs899/-







Quad 1.


Quad 2.


Quad 3._mg_3669






Being honest, I was expecting a lot from this but I ended up with a little disappointment. The shades are not pigmented which is a major turn off for me.Absence of inbuilt mirror makes the application a task especially  when you are traveling. I really loved the packaging and the shades as they are just perfect but pigmentation is the major issue with this one. Texture is super smooth which makes the blending part easy. Unfortunately the brush which is provided is not great, my other brushes do  better job. Formula of the product is really good and feel super light on the eye which is a win win!.This product works well with primer which also makes the shadow stay longer. Will I purchase it again? well probably No , there are other products in the market which works better than this one and retails for almost the same price. I just hope Maybelline will try to come up with a better version of this one! Overall I liked the product as it works pretty well with primer on and the texture is really smooth and the packaging is really cute.If you wanna grab this one go ahead and do let me know what you feel about it.

See you guys super soon! Till then take care.

Classy Checkered: How to wear check shirts.

_MG_3151.JPGHello! Wondering where this girl was from two weeks? WELL! I was preparing some really kick ass blog posts for you  guys.Before talking about anything I want to thanks each one of you who check out my blogs religiously and shower love and blessings on me. I really love each one of you from the core of my heart.You guys inspire me to work more and give you guys the best here. As I promised you all that I m going to talk about those major and minor details which are going to change the way you dress up forever this post comes under it. Nothing can be more perfect than a check shirt to me. They are cheeky,classy,bold and sexy all at the same time.  A perfect pair of them looks gorgeous anyway. Check out how these minor details can change the way you wear your check shirts for ever!

Checkered clothes are proving to be a popular trend right now. From the runways to flea markets, they are everywhere. The idea of wearing checks itself is bold and classy. Checkered fabrics are my forever favorite. The best part about checks is the versatility and the freedom to try out lot more than just basic. You can get them in various combinations with different styles. Just like your wardrobe is incomplete without a white well fitted top, it is incomplete without these checkered casual shirts as well. I experimented with this beautiful shirt from  Debenhams (Custom Made).To me it is all about going classy with a subtle hint  of sexiness so, I paired this beautiful shirt with different accessories which turned out to give me a complete different look without trying hard.

Here you go!

1. Jewelry  Matters!

The right type of jewelry can take your outfit to a complete different level. I am wearing this handmade neck piece with matching stud earnings  to add on some more colors to the outfit. I am so in love with this one.






2. The Mood.

Ever imagined to take your check shirt on a beach to slay? Well ditch that bikini for once and try out an over sized check shirt with bright color to look super cool and hot with all the comfort. Add on a hat for some fun with your outfit and you are all set to slay.


_MG_3212 - Copy.JPG


3. Details.

Learn to play and focus on details. Remember the motive is to dress smartly! Working on little details can make a huge difference to your outfit. I tied this white lace around my waist  to add on some more cheeky touch to the shirt and converted one into a dress. You can wear a good belt or any jewel for more variations.


_MG_3189 - Copy.JPG.jpg



 4. Denim & Checkers.

The most basic way to carry check shirts is to pair the one with a well fitted pair of denims and you can never go wrong with this one. So this  was a must add on to the list! Since crop tops are too much in trend these days I made one with this shit by tying a knot, but not the center one!. Try out side knots ,they look much better!.





Hope you guys enjoyed this post and gonna  slay your check shirts like a diva. Do let me know in the comment section what you feel about this one. See you guys super soon!

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Affordable Facial Cleansers In India.

Hello! Hope you all are doing great in life.Today I will be listing some affordable yet wonderful facial cleansers available in India. As I believe facial cleansers are extremely important part of skin care routine for everyone, I am listing 5 products each for both Men and Women  and at the end I will be answering few questions you guys have asked me.

Facial Cleansers for Women:

1. Himalaya Neem Face Wash: (Price-Rs 130 for 150ml)



Without any doubt this is one of the best facial cleansers available in Indian market.This works wonderfully on skin without drying it much.This product is one of my favorite.Since Himalaya is “The Trusted” brand, I try out their products without giving any second thought.This is perfect for normal and combination skin type. It might not work well for those with Oily skin,you guys can try out there Oil Balancing Face Wash for better results.

2. Cipla Saslic : (Price-Rs150 for 160ml)



This one is a boon for those who can not spend much on their skin but want some good results.It prevents acne and makes your skin super smooth.It contains salicylic acid which claims to help fighting with acne.So why not to give it a try? This product is just so perfect for all skin types.

3.Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash:(Price-Rs60 for 50ml)


I believe this foaming face wash is pretty good for everyday clean up.Generally people complain about this product worsening their skin skin conditions(The one with major acne problems) So I will recommend you to give a little test before swearing on this one.

4.A-Derma Foaming Gel:(Price-Rs435 for 100ml)



This works wonder for those with very dry skin.It is a soap free formula.People with sensitive skin can give it a try as it is a mild cleanser.It has oat milk foaming gel formula which gives you super soft skin.

5. Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash:(Price-Rs120 for 150g)





The product claims to be a 100% soap free formula.It is enriched with the natural goodness of Lemon, Green Apple & Honey. It deep cleanses the skin, nourishes and maintains its moisture balance, leaving it soft and supple.Sounds good? well! it works pretty good as well. If you love Everyuth products this facial cleanser is a must try.

Facial Cleansers For Men:

6.Park Avenue Coffee Power Face Wash:(Price-Rs95 for 75ml)

570352179ee98.jpgPark Avenue has entered into men’s grooming territory like a boss.I so love this brand. They offers you a wide range of products and this one is wonderful for those who struggle from black heads and oily skin.It moisturizes the skin and reduces dullness and leaves you with an attractive coffee fragrance leaving your skin cool and smooth.

7.L ‘Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Skin Awakening Icy Cleansing Gel Face Wash:(Price-Rs500 for 100ml)



This gorgeous product for Rs 5oo is no big deal! For all those who workout  can carry this product to gym as it freshens up you skin instantly and remove all the impurities leaving your skin smelling wonderful! I am mad about how beautiful this product smells…damn! This goes well for every skin type.

8. Thalgo Cleansing gel:(Price-Rs 1,260 for 150ml)


I know I know! we hare here talking about Affordable facial cleansers and this one looks like out of the league. But this one is worth a try. I don’t think so I need to explain much about this one. Thalgo is one of those trusted brands. Thalgo cleansing Gel is a marine-based product from France. Made with algae, seaweeds, sea minerals, vitamins & trace elements and this one is easily available in India. With non-aggressive foaming gel that helps you to get rid the of toxins and excess sebum. Its freshness revives the complexion.

9.Nivea Men Oil Control 10X Face wash:(Price-Rs180 for 100gm)



This face wash eliminates the skin’s dirt and pimple forming bacteria. This product is especially designed for men with oily skin. It smells pretty good and is easily available in the market.

1o. Himalaya Men Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face wash:(Price-Rs75 for 50ml)


This face wash has properties to lighten the skin tone and make it glow. This product is a soap free cleanser which works pretty well especial for those with sensitive skin. As I mentioned above Himalaya offers amazing products and this one is great to try out.

Q/A Section.

1.Best facial cleansers for acne prone skin.

Well I will not suggest you to pick up any fancy product for major acne or breakouts but to stick with medicated products or what your dermatologist suggests to you. The cleanser I’ve mention above from CIPLA is one of the gem product which dermatologists suggest to the majority of the people who suffers from acne issues.This gives relief to the skin and also controls the excess oil secretion. I am mentioning this another amazing product from cipla which is Saslic DS retails for Rs160. This is wonderful for those who suffer hard from oily skin.

2.How to get rid of acne scars?

BOOM! this is probably the most common skin related issue and I am picking up this one cause this is not as easy as it sounds when u check out Google for solutions. I know the struggle is real! But here is the solution:D. Rub Tomato Potato or Lemon depending what suits you the most and see the results in 2 weeks. You can also try Fullers earth(Multani mitti) with some rose water. Thank me later on for this :p!

3.How to get rid of black heads?

This is not a one day task! You need to stick to your skin care routine no matter what. Cleansing ,toning ,exfoliating and moisturizing  follow this mantra to avoid any skin related issues including blackhead. here are some quick tips to get rid of black heads but mind you be gentle and it will take time so…

  1. Mix some Baking soda and rub it gently on your T-zone area.Remember gently.You can see some instant difference  after trying out this one.
  2. Scrub at least twice a week.

I hope this post is going to be pretty much helpful for you all. Do let me know in the comments section what you feel about this one.

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Image Source- Google.